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A global platform of investment and financial firms, built since 1994 and connected via significant ownership, a team of more than 200 professionals across 11 time zones, and a shared vision of "modern merchant banking".

Combining collective insights, capital, and connections to grow better.

Redmount Capital Partners

Advanced asset management and private equity strategies


Newport Beach - Since 2014

Redmount Mergers & Acquisitions

Capital and strategy solutions for middle market U.S.-based companies


Newport Beach - New York City - Since 1994


DFR Infrastructure Partners

Private capital and strategy solutions for infrastructure & commodity projects globally


New York City - Vienna - Since 2016


Epic Hospitality Partners

Private equity and strategy solutions for U.S.-based hospitality industry assets 


New Orleans - Since 2018

Adriatic Capital Partners

Private equity and strategy solutions for middle market companies the Adriaitic region


Zagreb - Since 2017

Dimension Investments

Investment securities and capital markets solutions in frontier C.E.E. countries


Yerevan - Since 2018

Connect with platform memberf companies directly to conduct business subject to jurisdictional and regulatory availability.